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Hi! I'm Laura. Thank you for visiting ReadWriteStart. I'm an experienced educator who works with students of all ages on reading and writing skills. Before founding ReadWriteStart, I worked as a classroom English teacher, a school administrator, and a student adviser. I'm a positive, creative teacher who supports students to be confident, empowered learners. If you want to know more about my experience and educational philosophies read the testimonials below and click here.

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ReadWriteStart offers online and in-person sessions. Some popular offerings include online book clubs, individual tutoring, and semester-long courses.

I believe that students find success in safe, positive learning environments, so I support students by encouraging them and guiding them to be their best selves.

The more compassionate adults there are in a child's life, the more successful the student will be. These beliefs depict the the values and pedagogy at the core of ReadWriteStart. 


Educational Advising

ReadWriteStart creates powerful opportunities for self-awareness. Through reading and writing activities, authentic conversations, and comfortable learning environments, students gain clarity and find even more success in school and beyond. I believe in supporting the whole student and sometimes that means making sure students are sleeping and eating in ways that optimize their health. Student wellness is paramount.

Individual approach

Working one-on-one with me, both in person and online, students find the guidance they need to feel more confident about their assignments, the subject matters, or more generally, about school. I offer tutoring and also individual and group enrichment programs during the school year and on school vacations. One popular offering is "Quick Edits" - revision and editing on a student's written work. 


Learning transcends the four walls of a classroom. I believe that life-long learners are true change-makers. I offer a variety of enrichment courses and programs. Enrichment offerings include in-person and online book clubs, summer reading camps, and read-a-thons. 

This year, I'm also guiding students and parents in distance learning and virtual homeschool. I prepare actual courses and design curriculum for students studying at home. Individually or with a small group of peers, I teach an online English course complete with homework, projects and assessments. 

College Application Guidance

The college essay is one of my specialities. Work with me to make sure your essay has an authentic message and impact from start to finish! Don't wait to do this during the fall of your senior year. Get in touch to arrange times to begin working on this important piece. 

"I worked with Laura on my college essay. We revised several drafts together until it was exactly what I wanted. We met in person and also worked through googledrive. I didn't just get into my top choice school, I got into all the schools I applied to!"

Greenwich, CT

"I've been working with Laura ever since I was in middle school. Now, I'm a high school sophomore. We still work together on some of my challenging assignments. She is so approachable and easy to talk to, and she helps me outline my points and gets me started when I feel like I don't know where to begin."

Madison, CT

"My sister and I do Laura's enrichment groups all summer. They are actually way more fun than school! We read great books and I think I'm more prepared for the school year because of the time I spend reading and writing with Laura over the summer."

New York, NY

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Because ReadWriteStart offers online learning, Laura works with students all over the country. In-person teaching happens in New-Haven and Fairfield counties.

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