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In 2020, I left the classroom (at Choate Rosemary Hall) and founded ReadWriteStart. With a creative, collaborative approach, I work with students on their reading and writing skills. 

I believe that students find success in safe, positive learning environments. I aim to personalize every session in order to meet the needs of the student and also to focus on areas in which the student has the potential to improve.

I believe that the more compassionate adults there are in a child's life, the more successful the student will be.

After twenty years working with young people, I firmly believe that even the brightest students need support. I've devoted my career to making sure students are seen, validated, and inspired.

These beliefs depict the the values and pedagogy at the core of ReadWriteStart. 

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My experience

Laura Milligan

Smith College, BA

Wesleyan University, MALS

School Administrator and Dean

Certified Google Educator 

Classroom English and language arts teacher for 20 years 

Reading support specialist

Featured author at Edutopia 

Mentor Teacher Distinction 

Admissions Counselor at the HS and college levels

Mindful Schools, Essentials Educator

Curriculum Design Specialist 

Certified Holistic Health Counselor 

Children's Yoga Teacher

New Haven Reads teacher